Field Projects

Soil Conservation and Restoration for the Aquifer Recharge in Hidalgo

Through field work, we managed to improve soil infiltration and recharge an aquifer as part of a unique water compensation project.

Operation of a Forest Nursery in Hidalgo

We were able to establish and operate a nursery, mainly forestry, with species relevant to ecological restoration, while developing an original methodology.

Blue Carbon in Mangroves of Veracruz

We implement proposals for restoration or recovery, monitoring, protection and management of the area voluntarily set aside for mangrove restoration.

Carbon Offsets in Coffee Farms in Chiapas

Through conservation and management work to a forest reserve, we are in the process of issuing forest carbon credits of the highest quality.

Environmental Management of Micro-Watershed in Hidalgo

Nature-based solutions implemented by an environmental management team

Carbon Offsets in the High Jungle of Chiapas

This project, like all those we operate, has environmental and social safeguards

Carbon Offsets in Forested Ejidos of Veracruz

Through the creation of forest carbon offsets, we compensate carbon emissions of large companies and of the ejidos themselves.

Carbon Management Engineering

Coffee Farms

Development of a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and report of four coffee farms located in Chiapas, Mexico.

Farmacias Medigen: a carbon neutral pharmacy

Measurement of the carbon footprint of Farmacias Medigen in Tehuacán, Mexico.

Purple Technology goes carbon neutral

Quantification of the carbon footprint of Purple Technology, a FinTech company located in Brno, Czech Republic